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I value TRUTH

Being nice is no longer a personality trait that I appreciate in myself or in others.

I value truth.
I respect a woman who can admit that she’s hurting, traumatized, jealous, intimidated, overwhelmed, or angry.
But I will no longer tolerate passive aggressive, dishonest, judgmental, catty behavior from anyone.
You shouldn’t either.
Because what you tolerate in others, you tolerate in yourself.
I did not call on Kali Ma upon our first interaction, she just showed up on the doorstep of my heart with a sacred mission in her eyes.
She brought me to my knees.
She took everything that was standing in the way.
Every single illusion was ripped from my soul, piece by piece, until I was empty, and cold, and afraid of everything.
She showed me what it means to be a woman in her highest form.
The Fierce Mother.
The Creatrix.
The Earth.
I am very aware of all that is happening in the world, and I choose to put my energy into embodying the change.
Because at the end of the day our anger is valid and our words are necessary.
But these injustices are gutting us out.
They are forcing us to rise.
They are bringing us closer together than we have been in thousands of years.
They are demanding that we trade in our nice girl status for no status at all.
A Goddess is the entire animal kingdom.
She is king & queen as one.
She exists to serve.
And she knows that all paths must begin within.
Collectively, we no longer have time for the words if there isn’t inspired action behind it.
Live it.
Breathe it.
Become it.
I believe there is a saying for this in Texas, “big hat, no cattle.”
Demand authenticity from yourself and everyone around you.
This is how we help the world.
This is how we participate in lasting change.
If you do not agree, I do not care.
What is true for me does not have to be true for you.
Consider this an invitation to dig deeper.
There’s always something else to find.


Art by @sam_madhu

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