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The temples of Inanna are activating in the collective.

Your divine feminine awakening has become a complete & total rebirth.

It is time to embody these other dimensions.

The energetic portals you have been doing all of your work in.

Everything that has been happening in the higher realms is asking to be brought down to Earth.

On a deep cellular level, these goddess codes have been unlocking in your field.

The more of our shadow that we have the courage to confront, release & integrate, the more light we can anchor for Gaia, The Earth Mother.

Now is a time to tell ourselves the truth about where and how we are leaking energy & withholding our magic from the world.

Our ascension journey is the ultimate paradox.

It is deeply personal yet not personal at all.

We are here to anchor light on the planet.

And we do that by becoming more of who we really are & less of who we thought we had to pretend to be to survive, to be accepted, liked & understood.

It has taken some time to adjust to this new energy.

It will take as long as it needs to take.

Welcome to the golden age.

The time has come to learn how to receive these codes.

Inanna’s descent was the most painful, lonely & confusing time of my life.

Had I not known what I was going through, it would have been far worse.

I’m now grateful beyond words that I am now a voice, a guide, a channel for the divine feminine.

One of my most important jobs on this planet is to support those who feel called to unlock the codes of the many faces of the goddess, within.

This is a death/rebirth journey.

We wouldn’t reclaim the fullest expression of our power if it wasn’t first taken away.

Inanna is Lady Venus.

And today is Venus’ day.

Are you feeling called to the priestess path?

Or are you already on it?

Either way, Inanna teaches you how to fall apart with conscious awareness & then she shows you how to rise with passion & pride.

“What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.” #bukowski


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