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INANNA : queen of heaven and earth

This suffering has been laced with reasons and teachings from higher places. 
Perfectly located. 
Intentionally designed. 
We have been learning the ways of this land, this soil, and these seasons. 
Now we know exactly what to plant and when. 
We rule our own part of the earth with great honor and great respect. 
We have become friends with the wild things and the trees and the tiny little bugs that crawl and the birds that sing. 
I believe in balance. 
It restores itself whether we are conscious of it or not. 
It has an intelligence of its own. 
So the pendulum will swing from suffering to healing very soon. 
Perhaps when we get the message. 
And most likely when we least expect it. 
For the medicine, too, has a mind of its own. 
We will carry it into the fortress. 
No longer distracted by or afraid of the heat and the flames. 
We are warriors and we know it. 
We stand tall, empowered and grateful. 
For some, this awakening will be subtle, and perhaps even sensual in nature. 
For others, it will be volcanic and deeply erotic. 
We are fulfilling soul contracts. 
Clearing things up. 
Making space. 
Moving through. 
I'm grounded to my purpose but not much else these days. 
It's a strange floating sensation. 
In process. 
Free in ways I never imagined I could be. 
But deeply mourning the me who was attached to the things I lost on the way down. 
It's no longer the loss. 
It's the identity. 
That version of reality. 
The book that had to burn. 
This is when we meet Inanna. 
This is the sacred work of The Ancient Sumerian Goddess of love,
war, fertility and desire. 
Queen of heaven and earth. 
She teaches us how to descend deeply into the underworld with consciousness. 
And then she shows us how to rise with passion and pride.

Artist: Luis Royo

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Cynthia Coleman

Intriguing message and touches my heart space for it speaks of where I’m at in life today🙏💖

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