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Full potential activation. 
Shakti and Shiva.
Creating space for the beloved within.
Supporting the sacred role of the other within.
A safe foundation. 
Walls made of unconditional love. 
And a roof to lock it all in.
When the feminine feels safe, seen, and supported, she will expose the hidden depths of her sensuality and her magic. 
Her juiciest details are meant to be given as gifts. 
The Divine Feminine's ability to create with the energy provided by the Sacred Masculine has mystified the entire world since the beginning of time. 
They are hopelessly devoted to each other. 
Their union is of great honor and great respect. 
They are the creative process. 
She turns his instrument into music, his words into poetry, his harvest into nourishment, his sex into seduction. 
This sacred union must first take place within.
The inner-marriage. 
And then the outer world has no choice but to reflect balance and flow back to you. 
Mirrors and shadows are hiding everywhere, in everything. 
Pay attention.
Be humble and brave.
Try not to get lost in the subconscious programming that was designed to keep you silent and asleep. 
It goes against everything you know to be true. 
Deep down in your soul. 
Come home to yourself.
You know what to do.
Artist : George Atherton

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