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Hello, Beautiful!

Thank you so much for being here.
Goddess Medicine is a multi-dimensional offering space where my own healing journey and life's work have become one. 
I am Divine Feminine Embodiment Teacher,  yoga instructor, intuitive, artist and alchemist.
Honestly, I am so much more than that but this is a good place to start. 
Energy Healing led to Plant Medicine.
The synergy that manifests when they are working together has inspired me to create transformative potions, programs and workshops as an invitation 
to explore the subtle energies within. 
 Walking closely on the edge of my own comfort zone, confronting shadows and putting in the work to move through them and sometimes with them, I have discovered that there are powerful teachings that cannot be found in the light, and our fear of the dark as a culture has stunted our growth and kept us from aligning with the fullness of our power. 
Sometimes things have to fall apart so that we can put them back together with the lights on; with conscious awareness; with intention. 
  I grew up in a world where tarot, energy healing, herbs, astrology and meditation were not taboo in the least bit - they were the foundation from which everything else was built upon. 
 These ancient traditions and esoteric practices were passed down to me from my beloved ancestors and passionately studied throughout my life. 
 Fully embodied and empowered in the driver's seat of my life is more than I ever imagined could be possible. 
My dark night of the soul journey lasted for a very long time. It turned into a dark, painful, empty life. 
I have survived many things. And they all left parts of me changed in different ways. 
But I haven’t been the same since that day. 
That miserable day when everything changed. 
It’s just as beautiful as it is disturbing.
To me it is. 
The very specific way that things had to fall apart so that I could put myself back together with consciousness; with presence; with the lights on.
I still can’t believe it was me in that hotel room - with razor blades and a one track mind. 
One day I will tell more of that story.
One day I will tell them all.

The story that is true is not pretty.
It has more dark spots than light. 
But I was given another chance to live.
To really, truly, deeply live. 
And I promised all of the gods and the goddesses that I would spend my life helping other people feel less broken & less alone. 
Because if my story could stop someone from slipping into that black hole of despair & defeat, then maybe it was worth it.
All of it.
I have made peace with my reasons why.
And I have forgiven myself completely. 
More people are hurting than we know in this space that we call a society. 
And shame is the reason they don’t come forward.
Shame is the reason that they hide in the corner. 
Shame is the reason that every 40 seconds someone dies way too soon. 
And the only thing that I know for sure is that telling our story really does set us free.
We are in this together.
You are never alone. 
We are much more alike than we are different. 
And I do believe it’s time to redefine society and all of its standards & conditions. 
Perhaps it is time to include compassion, unconditional love, and tenderness.
I don't think I wanted to die.
I just had absolutely no idea how to live anymore. Not like that. 
This suffering served me well. It introduced me to a newfound sense of wholeness and authenticity that could not have been possible without the teachings that I learned in the darkest parts of my own heart. 
It is easy to sleep through the storm. 
But to stay awake during the raging winds and endless rainfall.
To let the lightning strike you into openness.
To sit with the wound.
To take it for a walk.
This is how I brought myself back from the underworld. These are the reasons that I am still standing.
Every single product, practice, oil, crystal, workshop, painting & piece of writing that is now this brand, is an actual living, breathing part of my story. 
I am Goddess Medicine. 
This is my journey of liberation, embodiment, and self-actualization. 
This is my offering to you. 
I was put on this earth to help women reclaim the fullness of their feminine power. 
I carry codes within my body that were designed to trigger you into awakening. 
I am you. You are me. We are doing this work together in service to the awakening and the restoration of humanity. 
This is where we rewrite all of the stories until every single part of you feels wilds and free. 
This is a space where our stories become one story - of liberation, leadership & redemption. 
This is where we learn how to let things be messy if that's what they need to be. This is how we learn how to respect the natural order of things.
Healing takes time.
Stepping fully into your power takes time.
We can't have one without the other.
They are two sides of the same coin.
It's OK for things to hurt and feel like the end. 
These are the cycles of life and death and rebirth. 
This is the natural rhythm of the body and the earth. 
There's medicine in your cracks and broken parts. 
Kiss them with your own lips. 
Wake it all up!!!
Sleeping beauty wasn't waiting for a prince.
 My natural perfumes are poetry. They are the alchemy of love, patience and process; an extension of my own practice. I sing mantra and pray over them as I mix and blend them into being. Every single ingredient is honored and
respected for its message and its magic.  
I have dedicated my entire life to teaching the practices that brought me back from ground zero.
Mind, body & spirit.
Every single part of me crumbled and died.
And every single part of me came back to life. 
I wouldn't know what I now know had things not fallen apart in the very specific ways that they did. I never would have learned how to love and care for myself this deeply. And I wouldn't be in a position to help you. 
I dove as deep as you can dive into the process of healing on all levels and immersed myself completely in holistic nutrition, harmonizing and activating the chakra system, lunar alchemy, sacred plant medicine, crystal healing, the energetics of dis-ease within the physical body, tuning into the womb for its wisdom and its guidance, releasing lifetimes of fear, shame and anxiety from the womb space, learning how to balance hormones naturally, shamanic practices, sound healing, yoga, mantra, meditation, ect...
I had no choice. It was a sink or swim sort of thing. 
When I got out of the hospital, I had a vision of myself drumming and dancing with a group of women around a huge fire on my own land. We were healing ancient wounds together - surrounded by medicinal herbs and flowers that we use to make sacred plant medicine. We made nourishing, healing meals, teas and potions for each other. We shared secrets and recipes. We were doing yoga, meditating and singing together under the moon. 
This is the place that I needed when I was sick and when I was healing. This is the place that I want to offer to you if you need a safe space to fall apart and put yourself back together. 
This is the place where I will take my work to the next level. 
I have begun the process of preparing grant and investor proposals, and developing a kickstarter of some sort. 
I will keep you updated with the progress around these projects and greatly appreciate you being a part of this journey with me. 
Everything that is true for me may not be true for you, and that is perfectly OK!
This is how The Goddess moves through me. 
It is my deepest passion and divine purpose to support you as you discover how divinity moves through you. 
This is how we rise.
The Goddess within me honors The Goddess within you. 
With Love & Gratitude, 

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