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Playful, sensual, receptive and deeply nurturing - The Goddess is rising in our bodies and in our hearts. 
She has come to show us that we can be wild and holy...and free.  


Gender aside, we all hold  within us the duality of masculine and feminine energy. This is the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, otherwise known as Shakti and Shiva or Yin and Yang. Our culture does not support the significance or the Divinity of The Feminine. It is no wonder that we have lost our way. 
As She re-emerges within us and around us, I  believe that we are being gifted with a very special opportunity - to not only purge but to learn from our destructive patterns and unconscious programming. 
This is about full potential activation; a modern expression of ancient wisdom; a heart-centered approach toward personal development, self-care and profound healing on all levels.  
Roots and wings.
From grounding, to divinity, and back again.


The Divine Feminine's ability to create with the energy provided by the Sacred Masculine has mystified the entire world since the beginning of time.
Once their eyes meet, they become hopelessly devoted to each other. 
Their union is of great honor and great respect. 
 The sacred role that they play for each other brings forth the energy of harmony and flow. 
This is the lost art of the inner-marriage. 
Crystals, oils and sacred Plant Medicine have become modern-day obsessions. It is not a coincidence - for Her most potent teachings live deep in the Earth. 



There are specific oils, crystals, yoga poses, mantras and meditations that open these precious energy centers into harmonious motion; cleansing and clearing stagnant and/or destructive energy patterns, creating space for the feminine to awaken within. 

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