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Goddess Medicine is a multi-dimensional offering space where my own healing journey and life's work have become one. I am a yoga and meditation teacher, artist, intuitive and alchemist. Energy Healing led to Plant Medicine. The synergy that manifests when they are working together has inspired me to create transformative potions, programs and workshops as an invitation to explore the subtle energies within. Walking closely on the edge of my own comfort zone, confronting shadows and putting in the work to move through them and sometimes with them, I have discovered that there are powerful teachings that can not be found in the light, and our fear of the dark as a culture has stunted our growth and kept us from aligning with the fullness of our power. From this space we can release what no longer serves our highest path into the light of unconditional love. Sometimes things have to fall apart so that we can put them back together with the lights on; with conscious awareness; with intention. 

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